Perla Journal

Perla Journal has been published without any interruption since 1996 and it has been one of the main tribunes for scholars of culture and science, for professors and university students.

About 23 years ago, a group of new scholars responded positively to the invitation of the founder of the "Saadi Shirazi" Foundation, Ali Akbar Zijai, to join an editorial board that would publish a journal about Albanian-Persian historical-cultural relations. More than arguing optimism, people joined in this endeavor by the goodwill to try to implement a new project. It was the time when scientific journals, like tree circles in hard winters, had narrowed dramatically. Most of them lost their calendar and periodicity. A number was enough to cover 2-4 volumes of the previous year. Interest for the book had fallen to the ground. Many of the researchers had left the country or abandoned the old profession. There were not only these circumstances, which generally hindered the work of publications, but it was also the time when the "myth of the West", stronger and more revealing than ever, ruled the Albanian mentality entirely. Furthermore, a general doubt and a spirit of exclusion existed for any value that could be absorbed by classical and contemporary eastern civilizations.

"Perla" survived these tough tests with dignity. With slow, but safe steps, it managed to get in touch with the interested reader and awaken the interest of collaborating in university and academic environments. Having as a support the best traditions of the school of local orientalists who have left historical traces in seeking cultural relations between Albanian traditions and those of the people of the East (by F. Noli and Hafiz Ali Korça to V. Buhara, T Dizdari, M. Janina, A. Sahatchi, F. Vokopola, H. Sharofi, E. Duka); inviting Orientalists to cooperate during the post-war period (G. Shpuza, P. Cochin, S. Tomçini, Th. Murzaku); (M. Bamja, A. Rexhepi, Feti Mediu), as well as having continued studies of Iran's most prominent Persologists, it can be said that "Perla" managed to restore its authority almost obscured by the tradition of oriental studies, once so highly praised. Entering the field of translation of the Persian literature in Albanian and some of the literary personalities, such as Dh. Qiriazi, D. Shapllo, Xh. Spahiu, V. Shita, P. Jorgoni, D. Çetaku) added these new values to the tradition. Studies on Albanology found in Perla a tribune with contemporary scientific quality requirements and joined several generations of scholars whose experience affected them mutually. It is in the honor of this journal that found a spirit of benevolence and cooperation among such prominent names of Albanian knowledge, Sh. Demiraj, R. Sokoli, E. Riza, N. Jorgaqi, N. Ceka, and A. Meksi. Especially during the last decade, tens of dozens of new generation collaborators volunteered to offer studies and articles, which were published on the pages of "Perla". It should be highlighted that the open character of this tribune and its worthy publishing politics brought together, in particular, the new scholars and researchers, giving them the opportunity to present the results achieved in compliance with the scientific requirements of the time.

The studies in the field of albanology published in the 81 ongoing issues of "Perla" journal have not only similarities as a result of its object itself, but also similarities of the arguments of these fields inseparable from influences, impacts and coexistence with cultures of classical and contemporary orientation, especially in the field of literature, linguistics, history, scripts and manuscripts, archivism, religion and psychology, folk traditions in the construction of the dwelling, feasts and rites of life, instruments and musical instruments and other fields. Now "Perla" is a solid journal with a fully-identified face, its area of action and influence, with increasing demands for quality, scientific standards and innovation. It has its subscribers in most of the Albanian studies centers not only in the Albanian area, but also in foreign countries: in Italy, Germany and Austria, Turkey and Russia. In the 50th edition (2008/3) of the "Perla" Journal, a complete bibliography of studies and information published since its beginnings until 2008 was published. This bibliography clearly shows the growth of this journal, the spread in the increasingly wider circles of scholars, the achievement of scientific contributions from foreign scholars, despite their beliefs, ideologies, and their education. Five years later, in the 3-4th issues of 2013, a second bibliography was published and with pride it can be emphasized that "Perla" is already not only a journal used as e reference in many scientific studies, but it also serves as a publication of many contemporary studies especially in the area of the Albanian-Iranian relations.

In 2015, Perla received the serial number of the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) from the ISSN International Center, headquartered in Paris, France. It is worth mentioning that during the last two years "Perla" has exceeded any deviation from the calendar and regular periodicity, respecting its readers correctly. This is an expression not only of scientific but also formal consolidation, thus reminding the reader of the fact that even during these years, similar journals have either ceased to operate or have shrunk the number of issues published, or the following numbers have been subject to coincidence. This is a merit that can be shared between the Saadi Shirazi Cultural Foundation, which has financially enabled its publication, and the editorial staff of the journal and its collaborators, who have regularly provided a good selection of materials for the publication. In the years to come, "Perla" journal will strengthen some of its most valuable features. Relations with scientific journals in the fields of albanology, iranology and orientalism will be strengthened and institutionalized. Continuous periodic edition of thematic issues will continue. "Perla" will continue to play its role not only as a scientific forum, but also as a promoter of the respective libraries of mutual recognition of the two cultures, noting that any new degree of recognition merely discloses the need for deeper studies. The journal is also studying the possibilities of formal change of topics or rubriques, following the most respected models of this family of publications in the West. The editorial board of "Perla" Journal expresses its gratitude to all of its collaborators and assures its readers for the correct follow-up of the road in which it is progressing, following strictly scientific discipline with the increasingly respective requirements.